Aldo Muzzarelli's artwork awarded in Spartanburg, SC. 2021

The piece Strange Captivity by the artist Aldo Muzzarelli received "The Most Hopeful artwork award” in the framework of The Art of Survival competition, organized by the Artists Collective of Spartanburg.

The exhibition was inaugurated last January 5 and concluded today February 27, 2021 with the awards ceremony.

This art show revealed how more than 70 artists from Upstate SC were affected by the covid-19 pandemic and how they expressed their experiences from a creative way.

“The themes of my artworks are mostly about freedom, equality and the way to transform negatives into positives.

People usually stigmatize solitude as something sad or negative, but also it can be something that helps meditation, learning, creation or inner enrichment for human beings...

I think that this forced confinement could be an opportunity to make us more tolerant and freethinking.”

Aldo Muzzarelli

Yelitza Diaz Art was also selected to participate in this important artistic confrontation. She exhibited her artwork Infinity, in which she presents her little beings in a novel and shocking way.

“We wake up one day in a confused world, full of new insecurities, in which the road seems to have no end. Different point points of view are woven together to solve a thousand problems that only come to one: the virus, we can no longer approach or touch. We die. In the new reality, the human beings must not be together, nor have physical contact. The masks turn us into beings without faces, anonymous, where the stress and the confinement drive us crazy. Our world has changed. Many still do not want to know.”

Yelitza Diaz.

Best on Show “Summertime! By Lori Solymosi

“...This past summer during the Covid pandemic I spent a lot of time painting and listening to music. I did many of what I called “art therapy” paintings. I felt so much emotion and yet at a loss for direction. When the race riots took place, I was desperate to find a muse. This painting evolves as the juxtaposition of beauty and violence. The background of this painting is abstracted scenes of riots and the woman painted intentionally void of much color is Billie. Gershwin s “Summertime” seemed like the perfect title.”

Lori Solymosi

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