From the distance at Lake City Art-Field 2019

Small Beings Climbing. ArtFields, Lake city, South Carolina, USA

Small Beings Climbing by Yelitza Diaz. Art-Field 2019. Bronze/resin. 120x72x6 in Venue: All in the Farm.

This art installation on the outside wall, is based on the diversity of the human being, and the triumph that entails the union of the efforts. I present the series, "Small Beings Climbing", to represent the being that breaks all barriers, unites efforts, and achieves the impossible. It is a work the seeks to exalt the spirit of struggle, equality, and reciprocity of the citizens of this city, regardless of their differences. In fact, the Small Beings of this work do not have a defined face nor gender, since their differences do not matter. The only thing that moves them is the same goal of progress, and fraternal union.

Rain of prejudices by Aldo Muzzarelli.

Rain of Prejudices by Aldo Muzzarelli. Art-Field 2019. Acrylic, Graphite, Crayon, Canvas, Metal Leaf, Wood, Nails. 48 x 36 in. Venue: Deanna's Bath and Body

In the frame of a hostile society (intolerance, racism, sexism, domestic violence) the most vulnerable have to protect themselves. The best way is to fight ignorance, to study, to become aware and to fight for ideals … to transform the world into a better place. I wish to convey optimism through my paintings changing negatives into positives. Art not only has the function to reveal hidden political, social or economic truths, it is also a means of entertainment, of intimate contact and of spiritual growth which helps improve the quality of human life. In this case I present a young African American girl trying to protect herself from an anomalous and unexpected rain. The dirty water drops come from rusty nails in the frame of the painting. The drops are gradually transformed into a beautiful golden wall...

The critical opinion, the public, the work of art and the place of encounter and confrontation: the exhibition. This is the circle that closes the modern aesthetic experience. In addition, a vital element is incorporated: the space where the exhibition dynamics is executed.

The ArtFields, in Lake City South Carolina, is an art festival where artists from the southeast of the USA participate. For three consecutive editions, the artists Yelitza Díaz and Aldo Muzzarelli, have participated in this important confrontation, obtaining the best comments from the specialized critics and the general public.

Aldo Muzzarelli. Art-Field 2018

We join this celebration of the visual arts and congratulate these Venezuelan artists who with work, research, contributions and tenacity; they leave national pride high. !! Congratulations!! And thank you very much for your perseverance. We are making progress!

Yelitza Diaz. Installation Art-Field 2018

If you want to know more about his work and the event, visit #SouthCarolina #Art #SeHablaArte

Aldo Muzzarelli. Art-Field 2017

Yelitza Diaz. Art-Field 2017

An annual, nine-day art competition and exhibition in Lake City, South Carolina, ArtFields awards more than $140,000 in cash prizes to artists from across the Southeast. The event also has infused new energy, creativity, and growth into Lake City and its surrounding communities. ArtFields is the flagship art event in a town where an abundance of high-quality art is on view all year long. Aside from a growing collection of public art, the city has several exhibitions running at all times in professional art spaces such as Jones-Carter Gallery and TRAX Visual Art Center. More new art venues, including a sculpture garden, are on the horizon.

Aldo Muzzarelli and Yelitza Diaz at Lake City

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