(in English) Aldo Muzzarelli. Best in show & 1st prize, Gadsden 2018.

Aldo Muzzarelli. Once again I feel committed to the people who always support me and to whom I love so much. For this powerful reason I share images and information of the works of my authorship that were awarded in the last edition of the Annual Juried Art Show that takes place in Gadsden, Alabama organized by the Gadsden Art Association and that in this opportunity is celebrating its sixties years of uninterrupted work. First of all I have to tell you that I was a bit sad because, despite having submitted the works in competition in June and that the awards ceremony took place in July, I had not heard anything else about the contest. It was not until today, August 21, that my wife received the results by mail ... Those who know me should already be familiar with this art contest, since in past editions I was also lucky to be awarded (in 2015 with two prizes in two different disciplines and in 2016 with another prize). To tell the truth, this time it is the First Place (Best in Show) with the work The Discreet Charm of Silence and the first place in the discipline of Acrylic Painting, with the work Captive Beauty Captive).

The Discreet Charm of Silence. acrylic, canvas, wood, gold leaf. Won the Best on Show award. in Gadsden, Alabama, 2018

The Discreet Charm of Silence is a work I did on the subject of another previous one that had received a prize in Greenville SC., During the year 2016. In that first work a nephew served as my model and in this was my niece - goddaughter Amparito who did. In both I try to give importance to silence as an important part of our lives. I represent the child as a human being, oblivious to the contamination that growth can imply. Generally people stigmatize silence and loneliness as something sad or negative, however these can be suitable moments for meditation, creation or inner growth of human beings.

Captive Beauty acrylic, canvas, wood. He won the award for best work in Acrylic in Gadsden, Alabama 2018

Captive Beauty is a work that had already participated in a contest of small format paintings that organizes a gallery in Spain. It is a colorful butterflies behind two bars. The beauty of the butterflies in undeniable, as well as its constant association with freedom. Here I present it hieratic... perhaps dead, deprived of its ephemeral life. The connotations can be many: how much does beauty matter ?, freedom?... what is the most important thing? I really hope that this information about my work will serve everyone, especially those who expressed their concerns. Finally, I thank you again my family and all my friends for your constant support.

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