"Climbers" by YelitzaDiaz at Anderson SC.

sculpTOUR: pARTnership for public art

"SculpTOUR is a public partnership with the City of Anderson and is organized by the Anderson Arts center. Together, there are nine sculptures placed around Downtown Anderson. The pieces are identified with artist’s statements, and media to further educate the public about this program. The sculptures contribute to the aesthetic appeal as well as add an interesting factor to the community that set Anderson apart. Three artists are from out of the area, traveling at least three times to Anderson".

Artists: Adam Walls, Bob Doster, Katie Tillman, Mark Tyler Frasier, Matt Amante, Yelitza Diaz.

The City of Anderson and the Anderson Arts Center present: SculpTOUR 2018.

Title: “Small Beings Climbing” by Yelitza Diaz. 98 in. tall (2,50 m.) Installed: April 2018


Based on the diversity of the human being, and the triumph that entails the union of efforts. I present the series, "Small Beings Climbing" to represent the being that breaks all barriers, unites efforts, and achieves the impossible.

It is a work that seeks to exalt the spirit of struggle, equality, and reciprocity of the citizens of this city regardless of their differences. In fact, the Small Beings of this work do not have a defined face, nor gender since their differences do not matter. The only thing that moves them is the same goal of progress, and fraternal union.

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