Small Beings in evolution by Yelitza Diaz, Art-Fields 2018

The "Small Beings in evolution" by Yelitza Diaz, is an Installation Art make in the Stairway beside Jewelry Creations Store at 107 W. Main St. Lake City SC. Art Fields 2018.

With the title "Small Beings in evolution", it is proposed the rescue of a forgotten space, to transform it into the artistic visualization of an infinite tunnel with old steps, embellished with gold, with small beings sitting in them. Beings of a strong material that follow their evolution in time overcoming each obstacle no matter how difficult they are.

The Stairs that you observe in the photograph are an example of how time passes without the human being noticing or giving importance; although it seems insignificant, the existence of this Stairs, they had life long ago, were beautiful and gave way to a hundred-people, which took them to a magical and unexpected place. Its history is in the Heart of the inhabitants of the city. It represents the root, and the living history of the city we want to rescue.

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Tinaquillo, Valencia, Venezuela. Mauldin, Greenville, South Carolina, United States. 

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