Aldo Muzzarelli paintings

I am a Venezuelan born Artist (1963). Holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Central University of Venezuela.

Currently the focus of my work is freedom ... the experience, contact with people and even the public reaction in front of my work was what led me to paint butterflies ... I think that the work of each artist is personal, but the life experiences of the spectator are what ultimately going to give sense to the artist's work ... for each individual, the work of the same author will have different connotations.

I wish to convey optimism through my paintings ...Art not only has the function to reveal hidden political, social or economic truths ... it is also a mean of entertainment, intimate touching and of spiritual growth that helps improve the quality of life of human beings.

I work mainly with acrylic, oil, graphite and fresco painting technique on wooden panels. I have extensive experience teaching art, from painting surface preparation (and related supports) to teaching classes in different methods and techniques.

I have participated in individual and group exhibitions in Venezuela, The United States, Spain, and Italy; earning awards and recognition. In culmination, in Venezuela, with my leitmotiv (butterflies), I earned the nickname "Painter of Butterflies"... currently I reside in Mauldin, South Carolina, and I share my time and work between Venezuela, The United States and Spain.

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