The Hidden Art Gallery

Although it was not easy to hide such a large project in a small town, the Hidden Gallery succeeded. Motivated by their great love for art and by the closing of the previously only exhibition place in the city, painter Aldo Muzzarelli and sculptor Yelitza Diaz were left without a space to exhibit their artistic works and decided to enter into an ambitious project. On December 12, 2009, after arduous construction and organization, the largest studio and art gallery in the city was inaugurated in Tinaquillo, Venezuela.

In the beautiful and crowded opening ceremony, there were numerous luminaries present such as Monsignor Ramon Linares, who blessed the spaces, the flutist, Matias Ruiz who delighted the audience with a repertoire of classical music, and the infallible teacher and friend, Héctor Campos Ochoa, who served as host of the event. In addition to the local personalities, collectors from Valencia and Caracas gathered.

From the beginning, Galeria Muzzarelli-Diaz was considered an oasis for regional art hosting the best of the latest creations. These exhibitions were always successful and rewarding with continued visits from the Church, entertainment community, and those who supported music and the arts in general. Artists, curators, and art critics recognized and applauded the steep upward trajectory of each subsequent show.

During its short existence, Muzzarelli and Diaz, recognized artists in the area and owners, used the first floor as their art studio which was constantly being updated every time they visited Venezuela from the United States. As well they had the opportunity to conduct training courses for artists and art lovers alike.

However, if you lived in Tinaquillo during those years and did not already know of this gallery, it was because it practically hidden in the shadows with only a small few aware of its existence. Do you wonder why something so important to the culture of a people lay hidden for so long? The repressive government of Venezuela, that promoted expropriations of property and companies, waged high taxes and great demands on business owners, which led to the bankruptcy of many of them. This fear prompted the owners to not want to open their doors to the general public.

Then, in 2017, the Muzzarelli-Diaz Gallery, after a long time of not being active was reborn from the ashes in that distant land, and this time to delight not only the Tinaquilleros and Valencians, but also to the whole world. Thanks to the magic of the internet, the Hidden Gallery is hidden no longer. You are welcomed to the online gallery: and invited to enjoy the most recent pictorial works by Aldo Muzzarelli and sculptures by Yelitza Diaz. Please feel free to subscribe so you won’t miss anything.

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