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My Story

Yelitza Diaz, a Venezuelan sculptor residing in South Carolina, USA. She started her artistic career from a very young age, allowing her to participate in countless exhibitions and art contests, where she was awarded with important awards and recognitions in Venezuela and the United States of America; She graduated in Fine Arts from the “Arturo Michelena Fine Art School” at Valencia-Venezuela, 1991-1995; At the same time, she worked as an arts teacher in the Ministry of Education of Cojedes, in the National Council of Culture-Caracas, and the Mayor's Office of Tinaquillo-Cojedes, 1991-2005.

After graduation in Fine Arts, she left apart her paintings to take seriously the sculpture, and the mixed media techniques. Among her most used materials, ceramics, wood, metal, and resin; that has made it easier for her to carry out large format works for public arts. The Little Human Being, universal man, protagonist as always: reflects hidden feelings, confinement, waiting in time, loneliness, and elevation both physically and spiritually.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to enjoy the life and be happy. Let's connect.